Am I ready..

Monday morning is rapidly approaching, and my summary court martial will happen at 0800. I do not feel I am properly prepared for this case, but I will discuss with my defense attorney in detail to iron out the details of this case and exactly what i need to work on this weekend to prepare for the case properly.

Just finished speaking with LT Susan Donovan my defense attorney and she ask me ” when is your summary court martial.” wow she does not even have a clue when I am due in court and I am her client. I do not believe she realizes what image this leaves in my head of navy legal and exactly how navy legal is here to assist me in this case. I feel very frustrated and frankly I feel like I was left to defend myself in this case. I feel like as soon as the document to remove my case from special court martial was signed and thus stopping the counter on the government moving forward on this case was done. Her hands in the case were wiped clean. I guess the question still remains, am I ready to defend myself in this case. We will see very soon.

Let me know what you think?

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