Learning from my mistakes


I happen upon a thought this morning that made me look at life a bit different then I did in the past.  I woke up and asked myself the question “ what are you doing with your life”  I also woke up with a answer. I work every day and forget to take stock on my online presence.  I made a mistake some time ago with getting online and at that time not really having a purpose.  I started this website in December 1,2007 and since that time have noticed only 81 visit’s to this site.  In my profession you HAVE to do better than that.  My mistake!  I was reminded today by several members of the internet community that in order to be apart of a community you must share of yourself.  Both good , bad and in some cases uninformed.

I realized how bad of a writer I am as well, but I can tell you the thing that stood out most to me in my turn around today. I learned that I do have a voice, and I do have a special talent, that I can share with the world.  I want to thank www://theory.isthereason.com for waking me up to what I already know is inside me.  Stay tuned Dr. Kim, your words did not fall on deaf ears!

Let me know what you think?

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