Full Sail University

shapeimage_2Though I do not think that most of you are aware I applied at the start of October to Full Sail University.  It is a school that focuses primarily on the preparing it’s students for the entertainment business.  Check out the link here if you want to learn more about the college. (www.fullsail.com).  I have been neglecting to blog as much as I know I should, but we have to start somewhere.  The last few days has been really a challenge for me in getting all my paperwork done for school but I have run into a snag i never had to deal with while I was in the military.   My tuition at Full Sail will run me around $53,000 dollars for my bachelors and roughly $28,000 for my Masters Degree.  I know that may seem like a great deal of money and trust me it is, but I am working too just get in the first class and that seems to pose a challenge.  The first 6 months of school will cost me about $11,000 which the government will pay $9,000 of that money, but in order to go to Full Sail Online you have to pay for Macbook Pro and it is considered a institutional fee, thus making you have to pay for your own laptop and it HAS to be purchased before you can attend the school.  So I am tasked with finding the additional $4900 to pay for this additional fee.  I plan to take out a student loan to cover this amount so I can get through the school and get my degree.  It’s amazing that I have had this avenue to put my thoughts down for others to read and I had not before now.  It has been stressful trying to get in this school and get all this done by  27 Oct 08.  I may end up moving my start date (which will cost me $100 ) to 27 Nov 08 just to afford me the time to make sure my loan monies have arrived at the school.  I will write more as this unfolds .

Let me know what you think?

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