It Has Arrived

shapeimage_2-3Well after such a long wait for my new shiny Macbook Pro, I finally have it, and I have to say  WOW! Now I know most of you already know that I swear by anything Apple, but I never thought that I would really enjoy having a mobile powerhouse right in my backpack.  I will post pictures of me getting the box and I will do a run down of the spec’s again for those whom want to know.  So what’s life with the new mac portable you may be wondering?  For the lack of words at the moment!  (0826) It is KILLER.  This system screams compared to my Mac Mini, and when I say the thing i love the most is the fact that the screen is so bright.  I can sit in the bed now and write and check emails.  When I want to have a desk I simply hook up my Macbook Pro to a external monitor and close the lid.  I know there may be a few of you who may say if you close the lid the system should go to sleep.  Well in some respects it does but when you have a external monitor hooked up with a external mouse and keyboard, you can run the laptop just as you would a desktop.  It’s really awesome.  I have to speak a bit about the keyboard as well.  I agree with a friend who said you will just love the keyboard, “ it feels like it was just made for your fingers”.  That’s actually very true.  As I write this post my fingers just glide from one key to the other with ease.  I am very impressed how Apple put so much thought into this mobile system.  Thank you so much for putting a laptop together that features so many things made for the mobile  professional Apple.  I really enjoy my new found freedom.

Let me know what you think?

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