This week was all about catching up.  After spending this Tuesday the 4th watching history being made when President Obama gave his acceptance speech.  I truly negated to focus on my school work for 2 days.  It was a choice of laziness that did not pay off later on in the week.  I found myself spending Wednesday-Sunday catching up on my school work.

It wast not the best option when you are a online student, but I have to be honest with you guys it was fun to take a quick break that day.  So how do you get refocused? When your days behind?  I spent Wednesday evening just gathering a total list of what was ahead of me (12 assignments in total), next I prioritized which assignments were urgent, which assignments were urgent but not important and finally which assignments would take the most creative writing.  In my English Composition class I had 1 Quiz and several video’s to watch, so I quickly reviewed the video’s taking any notes on things i might be asked about later.  Two papers were due as well, so I focused on getting the paper that would take the most time to complete.  It was a 3-4 page double spaced paper on my writing my style.  I remember thinking “how funny to have to write a paper on my style of writing, when I did not believe I really even had a style.  So I wrote the paper quick draft and edited the material I no longer needed. Submit!  On to the next task.  This continued on until I had completed all assigned work for this week and it was done with 2 hours to spare.

What did I learn from this week’s procrastination?  STAY Focused, and have a back up plan.  Though I would not suggest my previous week activities to any student, I would suggest that if you have a busy home life and work is no walk in the park either, that school becomes a quick priority or you will find yourself in a Starbucks crunching as the time on your Macbook Pro passes.

Let me know what you think?

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