iLife 09


I stopped off this weekend and picked up iLife 09 to update the software at home, and I have to say after using these programs for the last 24 hours has been GREAT!  I love the new iPhoto ability to allow me to tag photo’s and then send those photo’s directly to Facebook.  I use Facebook on a daily basis to keep up with friends and family back home, and to keep in contact with my local friends here in Hawaii.  I am using the new iWeb to update this website and with the exception of a few new additions (Widgets and Facebook notification) I really have not noticed a real change in things. Garageband and iMovie still are yet to be explored, but I will have a update soon for these programs. If you are considering the update, I would suggest thinking about how you plan to use the programs and ask yourself if it’s worth it to upgrade ($79 for single use, and $99 for the family pack (comes with 5 licenses))to a new software.

Final Word:  If you use facebook daily, this will greatly simplify your life. Click here to check out iLife 09

Let me know what you think?

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