When it happens to you.


I was sitting down with my Director of Marketing today, and over head him saying that a new person would be hired soon for social marketing.  He stated this person would handle all of our PPC and social media marketing.

Have you ever been present in a moment and know that it is a wake up call for you?  This was my moment.  It drove me write this blog so as I embark on this video blogging, podcasting journey I have been talking about for years, I know what woke me up.

Now this is more then just a ramble from within or personnel vent because I was not chosen.  I am fully aware at the moment I am TOTALLY unqualified to fill the position for this job, but now I am aware that my calling has arrived.

I will go ahead and make myself very clear here.  I wanted the position in this company that some person will fill soon.

I will return to this post soon enough and see how I felt when I reach my goal.

Let me know what you think?

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