What's your Social Media Number


I had a very candid conversation with my boss today regarding my future at my current job. It really got me to thinking “how involved am I an social media?” I took a look back over the last year and noticed, of the 13 social media sites listed above I have 5 accounts. That seems like allot to most people, but when I look back on it, it all started with Myspace. I created my MySpace account back in 2000 when I was looking for a place to find my military friends online and to share pictures with family back home. I quickly found the site useful, but in my opinion it seemed it was just so much, and so many people it was very interesting to learn (again I never mastered MySpace), but I really did not connect until I found Facebook.

Facebook for me offered everything I needed in a clean interface with all the bells an whistle easily outlined. I use Facebook daily to keep in touch with co-workers, friends and even some ex’s.

I use so many different social networking sites to express different parts of my life, that often neglect to write on my own website. “It’s as if I have made every other site my home page.” I do not see in the near future that I will stop using social networking sites, but I have finally figured out that nice balance between social and my home site.

So what is your social network number? How many sites do you actively chat, network, hang out in?

Let me know what you think?

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