Academic Probation

Sunday evening after finishing up my school work I received notification that I owed $4,075 by 9/1 or you will be placed on Financial Probation.  Of course I could not offer that type of money at the moment, so I was offered the option to take a Leave of Absence for a maximum of 90 days.   Let me rewind a bit and explain how this happened in the first place.  In March I failed two classes (Physic’s & Statistic’s) both of these classes cost close to $1000 each on top of a $1800 bill still remaining for unpaid tuition.  So what does this mean now?  It means from Aug 31 to Nov 21 I will pay off my remaining balance in school and start again at the end of November.

Lesson learned:  Learn from your mistakes and keep moving on your path to success.  Every road in life has challenges, how you handle those challenges will inevitable decide your success.

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  1. Charles says:

    I will give you every support that I can and will be behind you 100000000%. Don’t worry we will get through this little fork in the road.

    1. Thank you so much for your support and love. This too shall pass, but I have learned a very valuable lesson here. Prepare for challenges and keep clear of procrastination.

  2. Here is a comment made by a previous instructor:


    I liked your blog posting, especially the portion where you mention the lesson learned. Many of us would just give up. Kudos to you for continuing to move forward! Your positive attitude will bring you very far in life. I look forward to your return to Full Sail later in the year.

    Warm Regards,

    Kenneth Cossin | Course Director IT Communication | Internet Marketing Bachelor of Science | Full Sail University
    T 407.679.0100 x8236 | Twitter kenneth_cossin | Blog

    3300 University Boulevard | Winter Park, FL 32792

  3. Terry Weber says:

    Hello again, Giovanni:

    I just wanted to correct a misunderstanding. You are on FINANCIAL Probation which is very different from Academic Probation. When you are put on Academic Probation it is usually for some misdoing like academic dishonesty or plagiarism. That’s not your case at all.

    A year ago I was laid off from my job of 10 years so I know where you are coming from. With the help of friends & family, I got through my financial difficulties. That makes me confident that you can too because you are a strong individual with clear goals.

    Good luck!

    Terry Weber | Course Director | IMBS | Full Sail University
    T 407.679.0100 x8233
    3300 University Boulevard | Winter Park, FL 32792

    1. Thank you for clarifying things for me Terry. I want to say how much I appreciate the support of the Full Sail staff. It’s made a rough time a bit easier.

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