The Ring

Diamonds & Rubies
Diamonds & Rubies

As most of you are aware of  my birthday is quickly approaching (8 September) and today I was presented with this ring as a gift to celebrate my birthday.  Thank you from the heart for such a wonderful gift, showing your love for me.  So what does the ring mean?  “One day you will marry me!”  Enough said!

You know I am not one to make a big “to do” about most things, but since this was such a special and unexpected gift I simply had to share it with you guys.

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  1. Sunni says:

    Oh wow brother that is so sweet maybe one day I will get married to. Make sure that you stay true to you and your feeling at all times. One of your little sister say Congrats and hope to be there when it happens.

    1. Thanks so much sis, we have decided on spending our life together and this a great token of his love to me. Thanks for the congrats!

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