iPhone Cake-Giovanni & Charles Birthday Party

iPhone Cake-Giovanni & Charles

Well the party is over and thank you all for showing up (in spirit).  It turned out to be only Charles and I who showed up for our most festive birthday party to date.   We rushed around to arrive at Dave & Busters by 6:00pm and to our surprise, not one call, not one text…nothing.  We were shocked, but decided to make the best of the night anyway and have our crowning joy of a cake. We would like to thank Cake Creations of Manoa for making our small dream come true.  These ladies were able to create a iPhone cake complete with a picture of the member of the family not present for the party.

Lessons Learned: Drink water after eating fondant.

Link to pictures

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  1. Nikki says:

    What an incredible cake! I’m sorry that no one else arrived to celebrate with you, but know that you had a great time anyway.

    1. Thanks Nikki

      It was really a great time, and honestly many of our friends said how sorry they were they missed the party.

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