Why do you use the internet?


Why Not Use the Web?

If you are reading this post, then you found me through the web.  You may have typed in any number of things and with the power of Google search engine you found my site.  Has it ever occurred to you exactly what the web might be for?  This questions sparked an involved conversation with a close friend of mine, so involved we went back and forth over what the use of the web is for, what a website, blog etc is really intended do.

My take on the topic was a bit squid due to my love of social networks and using them to assist you with achieving goals you might otherwise never have come across in the traditional way.  I believe the internet, websites, blogs, Linkedin, WordPress etc all have a very unique purpose with connecting us on a non physical level.

Web Peace
Web Peace

I feel the web can never be controlled, but it can be managed.  Though I was not much involved in the internet birth, I have learned over the years to harness a small portion of the web to use to my advantage.  I have converted from paper journals to blogging, I have converted from compact disc to iPhone, from running around to the bank to online banking.Though to some I may be  too plugged in to the web, I would like to believe I have achieved web balance.

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  1. dess says:

    Aside from using it for my work. I also use Internet as the source of information. It’s been a decade that people used encyclopedia in gaining more information, but today encyclopedias have been replaced by Internet. It’s easy to use, and it’s global. Another thing is, people can connect globally. No boundaries. 🙂

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