Social Media in Customer Service


Social Media in Customer Service– My job asked me to write a blog regarding social media and how it is changing the way companies are doing business.  What do you do when you have a problem with a specific company?  Do you call customer care/support and sit on the phone in the “phone que” waiting on a customer service representative to answer the phone?  Or do you write a well worded email that outlines your problem?  I guess I believe in doing things a bit differently.  I think that companies today should incorporate staff that address social media needs in respects to customer service.  As most of you know I work in the customer service business and I speak to satisfied and angry customers everyday, but I have started to see a trend develop that prompted me to write this article about it.

“I will be sure to let my network know how good you guys are.” or “I will Tweet about this.” is starting to show up in more and more comments.  The question I ponder is are we really ready to hit the airwaves to vent our frustrations?  Are we ready for the world to see what a specific company is doing wrong or right and chat about it directly with the staff that can solve the problem.  Will it cause a shift in trust if people know a specific company is not living up to it’s promise?

Remember-“People are talking about you, even if you not listening.”

Let me know what you think?

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