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Security National- Customer satisfactions is important to any company, especially if you wish to keep happy customers praising your products on the internet.

I have spent over 14 days waiting on a refund from Security National (SNAAC) due to a billing error.  On the 28th of each month I pay my truck payment to this company.  I have done so since I purchased my 2003 Dodge Ram from them 2 years ago.  August 28, 2009 I expected my payment would be late so I notified my account representative to ensure that my account would not be drafted in error.  She explained that if I gave her my credit card information she would take care of the late payment and my truck payment with the credit card debt.  I agreed!  (Keep in mind all this was done via email)  August 31, 2009 my account was drafted :Secutity National First Payment

(Exactly the situation I was trying to avoid.)

Several days later Security National finally debited my account for the agreed upon amount:

Security National Second Payment

Now I am out of $1165.77 and told by Security National (SNAAC) that they would refund the $552.62 but it would take up to a week for the amount to be refunded.  Sixteen days have passed and I still have not received my refund.  According to below email, the check was not even being cut until the 18th…WHAT!  Come on SNAAC get me my refund, it does not take 16 days to get money back to a customer!  It’s taken me less time to get money refunded from a purchase in China!

Update:  Security National Training & Compliance Manager contacted me today (24 Sept 09) to fully explain what took so long to send my refund and further explained  Security National position on customer service.  I would like to thank Security National for resolving this issue fully for me, and as requested I am updating this post.

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