Changing Habits

Changing Old Habits
Changing my habits-Today I started a new schedule to assist me with growing mentally, personally and spiritually. A week ago I took serious stock of my goals and how far along I am at achieving my goals. Let’s just say I have fallen short of my mission. Sitting in a moment of reflection I noticed a few things I have never tried :

  • Goal Setting-Taking a moment to set actual goals, with realistic expectations and measurable dates
  • Physical Fitness-Look at my goal weight and plotting a set course to achieve it.
  • Spiritual Enlightenment-Learning my true spiritual calling.

Are the above goals easy to do? Maybe for someone else, but for me they pose a challenge. Doing these things would require me to limit my game playing or spend extra time in the morning planning my week. It requires a different mind set, and on top of it all I have to commit to making these changes for the next 66 days. Seems like a long time right? Well the challenge is not the amount of time, but my true willingness to stick out the schedule. Well I’m excited about starting, so let’s jump in.

Let me know what you think?

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