Moving On From Your Past

Moving On From Your PastIt’s Time To Move On….

When my brother was a little boy, he used to bang his head against the wall whenever he was frustrated. My father would tell him that the best thing about banging his head against the wall was that it would feel so good when he stopped. I think it’s time that we stop banging our heads against the unyielding wall that separates us, and maybe we will feel better, too. Two years, one separations, counseling, and countless screaming matches have proven that we are hopelessly incompatible. This isn’t necessarily a negative reflection on either one of us, but rather proof that the combination of fire and petroleum will produce a combustible mixture with predictable regularity.

I’m afraid the passionate natures that brought us together in the first place are proving our undoing now. But life is too short to live with so much tension and stress, and I’m sure it’s unhealthy to do so. That’s not to say that we still don’t have our good times, but they continue to get fewer and farther between. Even when we are getting along fairly well, the anticipation of our next blow-up hangs over our heads like the sword of Damocles. Perhaps this is because we always feel like old issues have never been completely resolved.

Years of trying and numerous counseling sessions have not been able to teach us to speak the same language and understand what the other one is trying to say. If we attempt to have a serious talk about something, one of us usually gets offended where no offense was intended and the conversation goes downhill from there. Soon we’re having another nasty scene filled with tears, tempers, and slamming doors. I don’t believe it’s possible to maintain a healthy relationship without productive interchanges and a certain amount of intimate rapport, do you?

I think it’s commendable that we have both stuck it out as long as we have, but neither one of us is happy or satisfied in this relationship at it’s current level, and it should be clear to both of us by now that we never will be. Let’s part now while we can still leave on reasonably good terms and wish each other well. I certainly wish you better luck in choosing your next love. I’m sorry I wasn’t the right one, and hope that in the future your spirit connects to a being patient and creative enough to support your inner lover.

As I did when I chose you as my lover, I now present your heart back to the earth, may the spirit’s keep you safe until your heart finds another home.

Let me know what you think?

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