Choosing My Quit Day

Smoking- Choosing my quit day

I have smoked on and off since early 2004, with very little success in quitting.  Compassionate friends, family and acquaintances have pleaded with me to resolve my dependence on nicotine and until I woke up this morning and realized cigarettes played a larger part in my life then I previously thought.  I took inventory of the number of cigarettes I smoke in one day (10 cigarettes, keep in mind cigarettes come 20 to a pack) and noticed why I spent $8 a pack every 2 or 3 days.  How did this habit start?  I am honestly not completely sure where it started and why it continued that this long, but one thing I am certain of I tired of my tongue being coated with the remains of smoking and the smell on my clothes.  I am finished with the days of remembering to bring along my cigarettes, truck keys, wallet and iPhone.  Smoking has become as common to me as brushing my teeth.

I decided to share this with the world because my days of smoking away my stress and problems will be replaced with other habits.  Don’t worry I am doing this process cold turkey, but I am determined to make my goal this time.


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  1. Sergey Negrashov says:

    Try, sunflower seeds, they did wonders for me.

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