Cold Turkey Quit Day

Cold Turkey Quit Day

Have you been keeping up with my blog?  Then you know about a month ago I made the public announcement that I would give up a year long addiction to cigarettes.  I finished my last cigarette and said good bye to the slavery that has held me captive for so many years.  I would like to thank many of you for the supportive emails and tweets encouraging me to stick to my goal.  In particular I would like to thank DeMichael Hooks for the motivation to beat my addiction, he encouraged me set my quit date and stick to it.

I will update this site on my progress as I go along, thanks for checking back

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  1. Paul G says:

    Good luck with this. As a non-smoker I’m not able to speak from personal experience but I’m told it’s helpful to have someone to whom you make yourself accountable, someone you’d be even slightly embarrassed to confess a failure to.

    1. Thank you Paul for all your support. This is truly a challenge, since I have a large number of smoking friends, but a challenge I am certainly looking forward too. Thanks for keeping in touch!

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