Man's Progress

Just a quick update on my life change progress.  Last week I  implemented a required tracking program for the following areas for the focus of the month of June:

Health: Tap & Track has become a daily occurrence for me, tracking and logging everything I eat.  Motto now “If you eat, tap & track it.”  Placing this program into my life was not as difficult as I had imagined and honestly offered me some key information into my eating habits.  Starting the program I consumed on average about 700 calories per day, which after doing some simple research and working with my Beachbody coach I learned that sustaining a 6’1 189lb body on such a low amount of calories contributed to my natural slim body frame.  Being critical of my size for years I searched for a immediate solution to this problem and found it in simply increasing my food consumption.  Keep in mind this was not an easy task by far, adding 2500 calories per day was a total mystery to me.  I did more research and found that eating a breakfast of 800 calories worked for getting my energy going and ensuring by 10am daily I had a protein shake and a fruit.  Lunch was another challenge to over come, but the key solution was finding lunch meals that allowed me to consume 800 -1600 calories (are you keeping track of the total amount 1600+800+320=2720 calorie intake by noon.  Almost there ! ) Protein shake after work  and dinner prep consumed my after work routine.  Keep in mind my protein shake is 320 calories per serving.  Dinner is normally around 480 calories and my goal of 3200 calories is met or exceeded.  You may be saying to yourself “yeah but I do not have enough time in my day to track everything I eat.”  Well I would share with you this:  You will not reach your goal if you have no idea what you eat, when and how much.  It’s that simple.  Work the program and you see the results.

Weight Training: I have only used the weights I have in my apartment (5lbs & 15lbs) to start the P90X program and have been very happy with my results so far.  I will add more weight’s as I develop and learn more about how weight training affects the muscle fibers.  Trust me when I tell you this is not something someone can really teach you, you have to seek to understand how your body works, and the process will come.

Wealth: I learned the simple art of saying “No” to bank fee’s at ATM’s and tracking every dollar I spend with the Quicken App on my iPhone.  This application allows easy access to my checking, savings and money market account investments and tracks every dime down to the last penny.

Relationship: Most of my focus has been on the above life changes and I have not put much effort into pursing a relationship but for the sake of mention I conclude there has been very little change in this category

Comment if you have questions or any suggestions on improvement.

Let me know what you think?

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