Noise…saved my life

I thought if I ignored my thoughts long enough they would go away. I came home for a week straight with a feeling that I “just wasn’t right in the head” and I could not figure out how to bounce back. I was sitting in my apartment daily taking sleeping pills to go sleep and caffeine pills to stay awake. I was smoking a pack and half of cigarettes and could not for the life of me figure out why?

It’s hard being depressed by yourself. I always believed that men did not get depressed so I tried to justify my feelings by simply ignoring them, well it didn’t work. I am glad I am still alive and thankful for the people who did notice my few days departure from all things social. You guys rocked my world and I know now that my voice is heard beyond just my iPhone and Facebook.

If you are reading this and feeling depressed and just not your normal self. Reach out…to someone…somewhere…the tears won’t stop man unless you take the first step.

Stay encouraged

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  1. Bruce Phillips Jr. says:


    How are you? You know, as a veteran, you have access to VA Medical Facilities. They are different from the Navy. I pray for you all the time. How are you? I miss chatting with you.


    1. Thanks for that reminder. I chose to reach out without getting the military involved.

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