Weekend Recap

Monday morning has slowly crept upon me and the weekend past by so quickly I decided it was time to start recapping my weekend just to keep track of my quickly changing life.

Friday- relaxation and movies always prove to offer me the time to allow my brain to just “take a break” and be entertained. At this moment I can’t think of the movies I watched but I assure you Friday was certainly a me day.

Saturday- proved to me that remaining spontaneous and open to life’s flow can certainly change your outlook on life. Saturday was all about music! I spent 10 hours listening to pandora and learned that per month you are granted 40 free hours of free musical listening (which for the normal user, is more then enough) however if you go over that amount you are charged $.99 for unlimited song for the remainder of the month. I am finding myself listening less and less to my iPod and more Pandora. I am currently at 20 hours remaining of free listening. Saturday night was all about destiny being fulfilled and chance meetings changing not only my life but many others in the process.

Sunday- recovery from spiritual male bonding and a planned dinner at my place turned into a much needed moment of reflection and realizations of how much I have grown and the sheer power of the word “thank you” and “I Love You”

How was your weekend? Comment I would love to hear what you learned about yourself this weekend.

Let me know what you think?

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