Droid X: The Perfect Man Phone (via PRimo.)

Great HD-video! is a great selling tool for me to purchase a new smartphone. Though I am not a avid Droid user nor am I a huge fan of open source phones, I do find the following of the Droid growing daily. I am quite intrigued to find out what members of the Droid community will do in the coming years as the popularity of the phone grows. Great post!


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Droid X: The Perfect Man Phone At first glance, I'll admit I was scared of the Droid X. Why is this thing so freaking huge?? was my initial thought as I palmed the screen. However, after five days with the Droid X, I have come to this conclusion: I am definitely man enough to handle this big boy. "Turns your eyes into captivated apertures of ecstasy. It's web busting speed turns your arms into blistering, churning pistons. It's power, intelligence and intuition. It's not a bet … Read More

via PRimo.

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