Loopt Star™ vs Loopt


I am a avid Loopt™ user and this morning I noticed something different on the website ( Looptstar™).   Curious as usual I downloaded the app, thinking to myself why was this not apart of the original  Loopt ™ app.  After you download the app you see the following screens:

Check In:  Think Foursquare™ check in process with a very nice  graphic representation of where you are located.  Now I am not sure how well this will work on iPhone (3G or 3GS) phones but the Google map insert is certainly a nice added feature.  On my iPhone 4 it was responsive on 3G and WiFi connection.


Logging in with your Facebook account is simple and straight forward process, however unlike Loopt™ it does not offer the Add Friends layout like below:

Here is where the two differ and from a users perspective, set’s it apart from it’s competitor Foursquare™.


Looptstar™ allows you to view your friends badges and where you stack up in the competition vs Foursquare™ which only show’s you badges you have gained in the check-in war.

Summary: I confess this new app is pretty nice and is completely outside the regular Loopt™ app, but a merge of the two applications would certainly put Loopt in the lead for me.  Having the ability to shoot a quick photo has always made Loopt™ preferred for checking into new locations around town.

Let me know what you think?

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