What I'd Say to My 16-Year-Old Self

474 – From outer space

I am fortunate enough to have a picture of me when I was 16, so it makes it allot easier to talk to the old me and warn him of somethings that will happen years down the road. I would start by telling the 16 year old me to be warned in 2 years you will embark on a life changing journey as a gay man in a straight world. I would tell Steven to be sure he is ready to leave his family and friends to join the navy right out of high school. I would comfort him in knowing that his acne bumps are not the end of the world, and the girls and the guys will still like him for who he is. I would tell him to choose to attend Morehouse College, because in his 30's he will regret that he never decided to pursue his medical degree. Pay attention to your soul early, and that feeling you get when something just is not right, usually means…something just is not right. I would tell him to love more, and not fear someone getting to close to him, because when he get's older he will break the hearts and soul of many men and women. Finally I would tell him to travel more, because life is about the journey and the moments of life. Live a good life 16 year old me, because when you look back on 16 you will find peace in your heart you have followed your own path.

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