When Friends Say No

When My Friends Say No

Having good friends in my life has been important since I was a child, but as you get older you start to realize that having so many friends can be dangerous.  When making this video with Chance yesterday it was certainly a big thing for us to discuss before the camera’s were turned on we started to share our thoughts as a collective unit.  As I stated in the video when I first stated my desire to pursue a reconnection with Charles (AKA “Chance”) a few of my friends questioned if it was the correct move for me at this stage in my life.  After departing from my place of employment and sitting wondering what I was going to do to pay the bills, I sent a text message out to my friends (inner circle) informing them I had quit my job and was looking for new employment.  Several friends of course were immediately curious what my next move would be.  Now looking back on it, I honestly had no idea what the next move was, but I felt confident I had made the right choice in leaving and was sure in a few months I would find a job.

This video is the summary of how I felt and what I chose to do to move forward with my life.  Some of my friends voiced concern that I made the choice to get back with Chance simply because I was unemployed and single.  I did not confirm or even acknowledge the statement but rather let my actions speak louder then any words could say.

I hope you enjoy the video….let me know your thoughts.


Let me know what you think?

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