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Conversation Recorded For Training Purposes

“This call may be recorded for training purposes…hello my name is xyz and I would like to thank you for choosing (beep) college my name is Daniel and I will assist you today.  Can I please start with your name.”

Seems pretty common so far…


Thank you for that information, for security purposes can please confirm your name, address, and last four of your social

Did you not just hear me say my name is Giovanni?  My address is (beep) and last four of my social is (beep).

Thank you for that information, how can I help you?

I was just returning a call regarding my financial aid paperwork?

Oh I am sorry sir for security reason you will have to speak to the financial aid department

That’s who I just called!

48 min later I feel like the guy in this video…

Let me know what you think?

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