Get Your Sh%yt together

Get your sh%yt together

So today while looking back over a few post I finally started to see a pattern in my life. It’s pretty rare for me to actually sit down and document my failures. I am pretty good about letting the world know about my success. I guess that’s not a bad thing, but anyway I digress. I noticed that health is not just about the way you look or feel, it’s a state of total mind and body connection.

I have some things in my life that need my attention beyond just my physical body. I must etch out the time and location to fiqure out the best way to unfuck my way of thinking about my finances. I can now see that unthinking the way I have been taught to handle my fiances will serve me well in the coming years. I would have thought at my age that I would see the vision of the future clearer, but just as I did at age 21 I still see the world in one year intervals….and that’s finally ok.

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