Bisexual: Is it still a threat?

Bisexual: Is it still a threat?

Having a twitter conversation with a follower got me to thinking if the question of

Bisexual: Is it still a threat?

Living an “Alternative” lifestyle according to my artsy friends for the past 15 years has been a wonderful experience. I have travelled the world serving my country and lost some good people in my life, but through it all I am happy to have done it.

However I digress from the reason for this crook of reflection.

Dating men for so many years has sharpened the saw of male bonding but has allowed me to loose the appreciation for the caress, smell and touch of a strong women.

2012 rang in silently in my 300×300 room I could not help but to wonder
Bisexual: Is it still a threat? Do others really care? I polled my friends on Facebook and twitter to get a better insight?

In my journey I have found that men prefer bisexual women to a bisexual best friends. Women are indifferent about sexuality as long as you are not romantically involved with them.

Women confessed “I would not have a problem having a gay/bisexual friend as long as I did not have to date him.” The women who journey along with me also added ” if they found out there boyfriend was bisexual, they would break the relationship off in the next few days”.

What about guys? Would the data show the same info? Guys were harder to approach about this subject. Despite the number of years I have know some of the guys I approached I could not get a straight answer. Most guys generalized the answer with i am
cool with everyone but when asked if you could be best friends with another guy who happen to date both sexes? Most reactions were met with a look distain.

My Conclusion: I cannot say that as a whole the view on bisexual life has changed much since I was a kid I’m rural Chicago. Men and women are still threatened by the existence of a being able to morph between worlds and love and respect both. The purpose of this post was not an attempt to change the readers view but to share my observation of the threat of bisexuality in world separating by sex!


Let me know what you think?

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