Training Progress Update

After a few weeks of not going to the gym, I have noticed a change in my body.  Though I maintain the weight I gained, I seem to get sick more often then before (Eye Infection & Depression)   This could totally be unrelated but I am certain it does have something to do with my overall commitment to training

In the past I beat myself up for these small setbacks, but have learned that this negative mentality does not allow me to progress forward without considering what I have failed to complete.

I have missed a total of 21 days at the gym (total) but found I am most motivated for 60 days. That’s actually good news!!  That means that I have to set my goals into 60 achievement brackets.  Since my goal is to increase my body weight by 35 lbs by the Christmas day 2012, I have about 200 days left in this year to get back to work.  


Let me know what you think?

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