Quit Smoking-30 Days


“1 MONTH- It’s been 1 month since I quit smoking. I saved a total of 91 dollars and today I would have consumed a total of 364 cigarettes”

Just over 90 days ago I decided to start a lifestyle change toward my fitness & new carrier goals. Starting with the one habit I felt I could break the easiest. Smoking! I reached out to my smoking counselor and started on my patches. 29 days later I am smoke free and really enjoying the feeling of not having to leave work to go smoke, or taking the dreaded after meal smoke break.  I learned through this journey that quitting is not about finding a destination (quit for this many days and you have quit) but to celebrate each milestone.  Some of my friends and family noticed I quit and others were not moved by my achievement.  I did this for me and I am so happy I did.

When did you stop smoking?  or drinking?  Leave a comment on your journey to better health.

Let me know what you think?

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