Discussion of the Online Research Experience

Siri find me the nearest gas station with a ATM?  “The nearest gas station is 2.4 miles from you with a Bank of America ATM inside.  Would you like turn by turn directions Giovanni?  


When Steven Jobs created the iphone, he had a vision that mobile phones would change the way we live our lives.  Today more then ever we seek to find information quickly with mobile phones and mobile tablets.  How many times have you checked a review on Yelp before dining at a restaurant?  Are you a news junkie and have to get your news fix with CNN?  Despite your choice of devices (cell phone, tablet or computer) information is pretty easy to find.  


Technology has made my life easier by offering me a linear way to storybook my life. Facebook has improved greatly since it’s start and is the premium go to for my daily activities.  Checking in to locations, uploading pictures with Instagram and chatting with my family in far away countries on Skype all keep me pretty plugged into the net.  


Four years ago when I was in the Navy it was difficult to communicate with my mom & dad during the holidays without picking up a phone, now I can post a picture attached to a specific location and my family is easily able to communicate with me. 


Protecting my information is just as important but is much easier with the help of Facebook, Instagram and Skype standard security. Like James the 8th grader from Paul S. Piper (Better Read That Again: Web Hoaxes and Misinformation) I prefer to get my information online, and find the searching process much simpler, however I am not much of a fan of using Wikipedia to do my research and rarely use it in my research papers. I prefer Google Scholar or school library documents.  


Having a large number of online friends it would seem natural to know someone with first hand experience with internet scams, but polling my friends on Facebook presented inconclusive data they have been affected by a scam on the internet.  One friend did recount her credit card information was used to access a online porn site, but the fraud department of her bank owned credit card was hot on the tail of the online culprit.  


After reading Better Read That Again: Web Hoaxes and Misinformation I found myself questioning if my evaluation process is strict or have i been conditioned to use the presented search engines to gather my research.  

Let me know what you think?

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