iHomework vs Apple Reminders-Best App for Getting Things Done

iHomework vs Apple Reminders-Best App for Getting Things Done

Week 2 of class and I have finally found the space and time in my schedule to really sit down and take stock of how I am getting things done.  Having my classwork handy when I travel is essential, but which application to use was a chore. Keep reading to find out how I decided which application to keep my school work flowing and on time.



iHomework is great software for a student interested in keeping track of detailed information regarding class work, dates, time books etc.  I am a online student and found the amount of information provided greatly exceeded my requirements.

Final Thoughts: If you are looking for a app that will allow you to enter the days you attend class, what books to take to that class, and what assignments are due for that class.  Pick this app!   Cost: $1.99




As a built in app for my iPhone & iPad I noticed I was able to log the information in list based on school classes.  From my desktop I was able to focus my attention on a particular class, enter the required work for the upcoming week with ease and keep track on completion dates.

Final Thoughts: This is free of charge and works with all my devices.  If I have a specific task that must be completed, and I am on the go I can ask SIRI to add it to a school list.  In my book that’s priceless.  

Let me know what you think?

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