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Instablity On A Constant

Instability on a constant causes the mind to bleed wondering what will happen if you stand still. Like a humming bird you float in an existence that may hold you captive from reality. Is that your own thought you are thinking?

Have you been programmed to feel an emotion that you know is not how you feel in the debth of your being. I mean when you are all alone and your heart feels the beat of another. Are you ashamed of how you feel, or seek to be closer?

Constant flow of feelings ping your heart like the rays of the sun. always growing closer when you want to be near, but burning your skin before it ignites your soul. Is that your own thought you are thinking.

Are you rotating on the same axis as the earth? Or has your birthing of knowledge caused you to slip off key ever so slightly. Spinning so slowly it would be missed by the naked eye…but I see you.

My only question is: Is that your own thought you are thinking?





Let me know what you think?

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