Boost Mobile HTC EVO Design 4G-iPhone to Android Review

Boost Mobile HTC EVO Design 4G-iPhone to Android Review

I recently purchased this phone after careful consideration of switching from iPhone to Android.  This review will help iPhone users considering switching from iPhone to Android better prepare for the transition to this phone.  Here is the break down of my thoughts on the phone:

1) The screen is smaller than the iPhone, but it is bright and responsive.

2) The phone is thin, light and fits in your pocket. If you are a heavy iPhone user this phone will fit into your lifestyle perfectly.

3) Move your contacts to google and set up a google email BEFORE you buy the phone will help make sure all your contacts will import into your phone with ease.

4) Where this phone will challenge your creativity is in the use of 4G.  4G is nice, unless you like battery life. You can charge this phone over night and if you leave it running for 8 hours with the 4G on you will find your battery drained in a matter of 4 hours.

5) Camera is pretty good with this phone but, compared with the use of other phones I found it sluggish and unresponsive when I really needed my camera fast.  Guess you get what you pay for in this category.

6) Front facing camera really makes photo’s a breeze and you will find yourself at home with snapping shots quickly.

7) I found that apps launch quickly but you can easily find yourself running out of memory and experience noted response time.

8) YouTube runs quickly and accurately on this phone.  Search is right on the money and I spend countless hours viewing video

Final Thoughts: So you lost your iPhone or it was stolen, and you cannot afford the steep price to buy another phone.  You are considering a prepaid service and looking at your phone options.  Boost Mobile service is great, the phone choices are well above competitors in the pre-paid market and 4G coverage has peaked your interest.  So should you buy this phone?  As iPhone user recently converted.  It’s a no brainer!

Let me know what you think?

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