Job Hunt-Customer Service


Fourteen days passed since I departed from Hawaii on my pursuit to assist my family in Duluth Minnesota.  I have things under control at home and feel its time to launch a massive campaign
to get hired in a customer service position where my skills can be best utilized. 

So in the coming days I will construct a marketing, publishing and creative platform that I will update daily until my goal is achieved.  

WordPress- Utilize this website to communicate my updates longer then 140 characters.

Twitter- Primary communication method with my followers.  Summary of the journey will be posted for those who choose not to follow me on Twitter. 

Facebook- Will be updated with a  #wordpress summary and will help keep a chronological update of past employment. 

I have not done this in the past journey for employment but do feel the challenge is  worthy of the journey. 

Lets get started…

Let me know what you think?

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