United Health Group Interviews-4 Ways To Get To Know Me

“You will hear from us soon” concluded my final interview at United Health Group. Nervously I returned to the car to gather my thoughts and give thanks to the universe for the opportunity.  Four interviews to decide if i am the right pick for the position.  Lets take a look at each interview and how I made it through:

#1- 300 Question Personality Test
After filling out my application for united health group. I was asked to fill out a 300 question personality test. I consistently wondered why I needed to fill out such a long personality test but after interviewing today I discovered why. 300 Questions about my history and how I would choose to do something if working in the specific position. Test takes about 45 min to complete.  Next was a phone interview

#2 Phone interview #1
This phone interview was quick, I spent most of the time on the phone with the recruiter speaking briefly about some of my work history but overall this was a very quick interview. Interview lasted for only 10 minutes.

#3 Phone Interview #2
Several days after interview number 1 I was given an opportunity to speak with a recruiter to go into further detail about my work history. This interview lasted for over 2 hours and if I may recommend anything to anyone who is pursuing a career at United Health Group during this interview process ensure that you have a current copy of your resume.   I found it difficult to recall specific dates, but I feel if given an opportunity to speak about my street I would have called specific details. I was only able to remember exact details of my military career. Finally I was asked to come in for a face to face meeting.

#4-Face to Face
I must admit at this point I was totally nervous. I awakened at 7 a.m. to prepare for this interview, but once I arrived it appears as if everything that I’ve studied  completely left out of my mind. I entered the front door and was greeted by security staff and I checked in sat down and waited for the interviewer . Once the interviewers arrived and ask me to accompany them to an interview room I quickly grab my things and but forgot key information about the company so I quickly reviewed those things in my head and stepped in the door for my interview. My interview lasted only 1 hour. I did my best to present the fact in a humorous and entertaining interview.  I can only hope I am picked as the next Health Advisor for United Health Group


Let me know what you think?

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