One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. 
Bob Marley 

As an avid flute player since age 16, I find the questions of the importance of creative programs in school, something of a misnomer.  Musical programs, theater and art allow students opportunities to create in a world surrounded by science and math.  Development of key social and musical talents are well documented but as you clearly stated many schools are running low on funding for visual arts, music, dance and theater programs.  Conserving creative programs limits a society of more diverse and talented people.

So why keep creative programs alive?  To diversify communities and prevent the stagnation of a whole society.  Despite the effort of those whom may try to prevent the creative culture from thriving, we will see an uprising of “underground” and rogue programs.  Creativity will ALWAYS find a way to surface and grow.  Consider for a moment the stars we now celebrate for their angelic voices (Celine Dion, Adele and Michael Buble), now consider the thought of a world without musical contribution.  I admit listening to these artist does not pay a bill, put food on the table or prevent me from having a bad day, but the soothing vocals and compassionate lyrics allow me a moment to escape trite moments of my life; if only for 3 mins.

Convinced we should save creative programs in schools?  Yes?  So which one should we keep and which ones should go?  My theory on degrading programs based solely on funding, and not the lack of interest in the program or lack of student participation does not allow to me to answer this question fully.  I do not feel we can live in a world with the lack of visual art, music, dance or theater.  Thomas Merton said it best “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”  




Musicophilia,” by Oliver Sachs, Writer’s World, pp. 551-552

Let me know what you think?

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