United Health Group-How to get hired in 22 days

United Health Group-How to get hired in 22 days

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
Napoleon Hill


Looking back over the past 22 days and reading through some of my journal entries I have to take a moment to reflect on the process of getting hired at United Health Group.  My journey to my current position started in June after the unfortunate death of my 13y/o brother.  I made a decision to move from Honolulu, HI to Duluth, MN to care for my grieving mother.

Before the move I decided if I was going to work in the health care industry AGAIN that I wanted to work in health insurance.  Having worked as a medical assistant in the military I did not worry much about going to the doctor or picking up medication, however after leaving the military in 2007 I was faced with the  looming fear of getting sick.  How was I going to pay for a doctors visit in this new civilian world.

Fear and curiosity led me to start working for a community health center as a medical assistant.  I found helping the community rewarding but I met many patients who shared my fear of being sick but not being able to pay to see a doctor.  I vowed to myself if I were to pursue another career it would be in health care administration, to help patients like myself get pass the challenges of having affordable health care and getting the treatment and medication they so desperately needed.

My search started on Craigslist, indeed.com and justhired.com. Laying out a plan of applying for medical administration positions with low pay but high learning curves I felt would help me grow and place me in the right place at the right time.  July 15, 2012 I applied for a customer care professional job online at United Health Group (UHG) and after a few days I received the dreaded recruiter email notifying me the company chose another candidate.  I was not discouraged!  I started doing more research on the company, and the culture of working for UHG and my curiosity turned into a mission.

I updated my résumé, cleaned up my LinkedIn profile and combed through hours of google search results to make sure if provided an opportunity to interview for this position I would be ready to answer any questions presented to me.  I applied four times before I would receive a call from a recruiter informing me “we have reviewed your résumé and would like to set up a phone interview.”  I was happy but kept my elation private until I completed the 300 questions pre interview questionnaire to make sure I was psychologically ready for the job.

My phone interview lasted just over 2.5 hours and covered in detail dates, locations, position titles and responsibilities for ALL my earlier jobs.  Finally before the interview ended my interviewer asked “do you have any questions for me?”  Yes I responded, just one question I need to know.  “Working for the company, what is one thing you feel set’s United Health Group apart?” Her answer was simple and to the point.  “The people”  She did not need to clarify any further, and I quickly ended the conversation.

I was called later that day to set up a face to face meeting, where the final decision of my employment would be determined.  I spent the night reviewing and focusing my efforts on possible question angles I had not covered in my earlier studies.   My appointment was scheduled for 10 am so I ensured I arrived 30 min early to check any final details lost during the previous night sleep.  Ten minutes before my scheduled time two people walked up to me and kindly requested I follow them.  Sitting for a summary interview  I must admit had my stomach churning but in just under 1 hour I had my keys, portfolio and hopefully a new job.

48 nerve wrecking hours passed without a word from the recruiting staff.  I honestly thought I had overlooked some small detail, and was starting to doubt my ability to interview well.  Finally on 28 September 2012 at 0847 all my hard work and sacrifice were accepted as the newest Health Advisor at United Health Group.

You cannot control the decision to hire you, and you cannot control the time you wait to hear if you are hired, but hopefully through reading this page in my journey; you now know how to “Get hired at United Health Group in 22 days.”

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  1. Keshia says:

    Great to hear your story it gave me the motivation for my over the phone interview tomorrow for a provider relations coordinator position with UHGI have no experience in h health field but I have the experience in the customer and public relations field.

    1. Giovanni Hale says:

      Keshia you will do just fine. If you have a passion for customers and health you will find yourself as the next provider relations coordinator. Please make sure you read this post as well to help prepare you for your phone interview. https://giovannihaleblog.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/united-health-group-interviews-4-ways-to-get-to-know-me/

  2. Ebbid Yelsreknat says:

    Giovanni, I beg to differ with your glowing tale of the wonders of UHG (UUG). I went in this morning for the initial assessment for 1 of 300 CSR spots in Jax FL. I blew the first part out of the water. Next part, 6 ?s, answered logically, buh bye. 4 wk training prog, for what, if they want you to know it all before walking in the building, why train? I was really excited about working there. I’ve been in CS since 1999. They crushed my spirit. I’m really depressed. And, I don’t trust their logic, or lack of it.. UHG will never get my business, nor that of my friends & family.

    1. Giovanni Hale says:


      I am really sorry to hear your experience with United Health Group (UHC) was not a very good one. I can totally understand you feeling crushed. After completing 15 weeks of training, now I can understand what the logic of the training is and why they are very selective with whom they choose to put in certain positions. I can only encourage you to reapply if UHC is REALLY the company you want to work for. As my post detailed it took me over 7 tries to get on board with UHC but I just kept with it until I got what I wanted.


  3. Jessica Diaz says:

    It is Sep 28 2013… One year later from your success! Today I have my face to face interview and I’m so excited and praying I get this position. Reading your story has boosted my confidence since I have followed the exact same steps to prepare myself for the interview. Wish me luck and those who believe pray for me! 😀

    1. Giovanni Hale says:

      Jessica first let me say how proud of you I am to have made it this far. Face to face interview’s can be stressful but trust me when I say that the staff that interview you are people. Remember that! The person is just looking for the right fit for the job. I have my fingers crossed for you. Let me know if you get the job.

  4. Kri says:

    Hello I have had a phone screen , phone interview and the recruiter told me I would receive an email maybe by the time I get home I can click on the link and it wont take long to my surprise it was a digital interview with eight questions nerve racking but got it done and I received a call to set up a in person interview with a manager I completed that I felt good leaving the building knowing that I will be awaiting another call to set up another interview with that manager’s boss who was the Vp and also her boss . two days went by and I received the phone call I went in the next day. It was kind of hard to tell if I was liked but I answered all the questions to the best of my ability and also I was able to make the vp laugh and smile more then a few times I was told at the end of myself asking questions and once more expressing my reason to why I’m worthy for the position
    she began to tell me how there hiring process works and here I sit waiting for that call

  5. Kri says:

    and handed me a business card shook my hand she thanked me for coming back in so quick and she shook my hand again we said our good byes she walked me to the elevator all I can do is pray and leave it now

    1. Giovanni Hale says:

      KRI you did your best that is really all you can do. Good luck and let me know your hire date

  6. Kri says:

    Has anyone received a survey after interviewing ? Once you complete the survey it sends you to the WHY WORK HERE page?

    1. Giovanni Hale says:

      Yes I got the survey after my interview as well.

  7. Kri says:

    Update: second week. nothing yet from the recruiter may have been out of the office jobpage status is still the same. I spoke to the main recruiting area I was told I’m still being considered just have to wait to hear from the recruiter ..waiting for that call

    1. Giovanni Hale says:

      Just keep following up. I know they often have so many candidates it takes them time to actually get back to you. If they let you know you are still being considered then, have high hopes they are still working on your application.

  8. Kri says:

    Thanks for all the info I did not get the job

    1. Giovanni Hale says:

      I am so sorry to hear that…did you just find out

  9. Kri says:

    Yes I was informed I wasn’t selected. I was contacted this week for another position I’ve applied to I pray I get this one

    1. Giovanni Hale says:

      Hi Kri! So since you applied for another position, how has the interview process been for you this time around?

  10. Jetton says:

    I really appreciate this blog!! I applied for the Provider Service Representative position 2 weeks ago. The hiring process has been lengthy. I started off with the standard 200 question psychological test. I then received a call and was interviewed via phone by a recruiter. After I succeeded to impress… I was then asked to complete a video interview using HireVue. I received a call to setup a second phone interview with a hiring manager 2 days later. That interview went well. The next day I received a call to setup a face to face interview at the Richardson, Texas site. The building was 1311. I had a panel interview consisting of 3 individuals. The first lady that interviewed me, asked me 10 questions in a row. The man sitting to the left of her asked me 4 and the lady to the right had no questions.

    I am very knowledgeable and interview very well. Sometimes it is difficult to read an interviewer. However, the first lady that interviewed me seemed impressed. She smiled a lot. Maybe that’s her personality. 🙂 The gentleman was very and I mean VERY stone faced. LOL. The other lady was simply just there to observe… I suppose.

    Does United Health Group offer employment on the spot? Will I have to wait to hear back from my recruiter?

    What do you think?


    1. Giovanni Hale says:

      Wow provider services. That’a great team, I do believe you will be very happy when they return your call. Good luck going forward.

      1. jettonhughes says:

        Well thank you!!
        I did not accept the position because UHG wanted to pay me 13.98 an hour. How could I accept that when I have SEVERAL years of experience? I accepted another similar position with another company making 18.00 per hour. Thanks for your response.

      2. Giovanni Hale says:

        Wow only 13.98 an hour to work with providers. I am glad you found what you needed with another company.

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