When you think about happiness, what does it mean to you?

Happiness to me is defined by completing my goals.  I am sure this sounds very simple and to the point but I have to admit that laughing is a reflection of my happiness and smiling without laughter does not really exist in my daily actions. It is rare for me to have a heartfelt conversation but I must admit that when I do find myself involved in a conversation with someone who feels me from the heart.  I do my happy dance as I show how I feel.

Students who choose to go to school online have many plates they must juggle to reach a happy medium , but for me having assigned times to be at school, and projects which must be completed are at the heart of what makes me happy.  Some call me a perfectionist, but it makes me happy to mark things off my “next actions list” and see a task from start to finish

Happiness is subjective and if people focused more on being happy (insert your own definition of happiness) and less on the appearance of being happy, society might not have so many deaths, illnesses and depression.  I focus on living my life with the end in mind, always considering happiness, achievements and goals as my gauge of achievemen.  Here’s to being happy in skin you live in.

Let me know what you think?

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