2013 Starts off with a bang

2013 finally arrived after many months of patiently waiting.  I took the pleasure of getting my day off to a good start.  I decided to do something different for the start of the year and just let it happen without a drop of alcohol.  You read that right!  I consumed zero adult beverages to ring in the new year.  I wanted to see what waking up in a new year without a hangover would bring.  I woke up sober but angry my night did not turn out as I had dreamed it would.  I am thankful I was chosen to live to see the end of the year and wonder what I have done for so many year, but it seems that in the past I remember having more fun.  Guess it was not a total bust!  I am on the mainland (not an island), I can drive to any destination I choose.  I am healthy, and still under 40…guess that accounts for something.


Let me know what you think?

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