Ethics Final Thoughts


Ethics Final Thoughts 

Honesty is the foundation of all actions in my daily life.  I find life much easier to cope with if I am honest with myself which allows me to be honest with others and expect the same in return. 

Integrity allows my friends, family and clients to have confidence that when I take on an emotion, task or client they can expect my actions to be of the very highest moral character.  

Responsibility is the glue that gets things done in my life.  Without taking full responsibility for my actions, I feel the true meaning in my life sorely lacking.  Responsibility is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of both my personal and professional life. 

Acknowledgment of friends, family and clients achievements make everyone feel like a hero.  No one wants to focus on things they do poorly but desire the rewarding feeling of someone’s not only recognizing major achievements but rewarding small progression. 

Respecting myself comes naturally, and choosing to respect others is a daily choice.  I may not agree with each choice I have in life, but I will respect the wishes of my friends, family and clients. 

Harmonious daily actions keeps true with my strong spiritual beliefs.  Learning to find the natural flow of life and flow with it has granted me a unique perspective and allowed me to achieve things I thought impossible.  

Passion is the center of all things!  I feel very strongly you cannot do something you do not have a deep passion for and have lasting success.  Friends, family and clients will know that my love for fitness and health is more then a profession, it is my passion


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