Developing Study Habits for Online Students When You Have No Clue

By Giovanni Hale

“Going to school online is much easier, then going to school in a regular classroom”

I must be honest with my reflection today and finally come clean with the fact my study habits are poorly developed.  “But you are an online student Giovanni” is what I am sure you are saying, but after taking my midterm yesterday in Sports Nutrition I stumbled upon a habit I must change if I plan to be an effective fitness educator.  I honestly have no clue how to study!  I am good at cramming and fairly good at retaining what I read but for having a dedicated study routine, I need some help.  I decided to ask my few readers to help me on this journey to developing my study skills.  I commit to be being honest with those that take the time to read my blog to keep up with what’s going on in my life to updating you on my progress and what I learn along the way.

Studying one hour immediately after a class will do more good in
developing an understanding of the material as several hours a few days
later. Studies show that as much as 80 % of material learned in class is
forgotten within 24 hours if there is no review.


Mayland Community College
S.O.A.R. Program
Revised April 2002

I am starting my journey by researching top books on the subject.

Please comment with your suggestions.

Here’s to a happy journey!



Let me know what you think?

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