Man vs Angel


Man vs Angel by Giovanni Hale

You seem to be impervious to me washing you away.  I can change my name, my site, my eye color, my hair and my body and you simply refuse to be washed away.  Each time I open my eyes you are there.  It’s like wearing contacts so you blend into the world, knowing that no one will see behind them.  It’s not just my eyes you infest, I can smell the stench of your breath against me when I sleep.  You whisper in my ear from the depths of your mouth the horrible things I have done.  You stand with me in the shower and comment on how much weight I have lost, and wash my back with your manicured hands.  When I step on the scale, you shake your head but never say a word.  Funny thing to me is why did you choose me?  Why do you stay by my side?  You infect my mind with your shallow thought process and wonder why it takes us 10 min to brush our teeth.  You have been chosen to be my angel on this earth, well it’s time for us to have man to angel talk:

If you were the best that God could send me, then know this!  Hells demons will eat your soul for what you are doing.  My mind and body are here for you to protect while I walk this pathetic excuse for a plant.  Dying with each passing sunrise, we have to get ready for end, and frankly I am not sure you are even ready for what is about to come.  You pick people in my life, who by the sheer number of mistakes have blessed me to keep going but I can no longer allow your lack of disciple and moral charter to tarnish my progression.  You were given instructions upon leaving the gates of heaven, then why do you meander on this earth as if we have time to enjoy the fruits of humanity.  Be warned ! me and God WILL have a conversation about your actions, and though I may not be able to find peace in knowing that he will strike you down where you stand, I can be sure you have been informed of my intention.  

I may not be a famous man, and for that matter I may not be liked by most of the people you have chosen to put in my life.  I am ok with not being the chosen one, but I was born on this earth to do one thing, and you are squandering it.  I may not be able to choose my angel but I can choose what I allow you to do to me.

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  1. no one says:

    that was deep. very deep but i believe your talking to the wrong person you are actually feeling the devil not the angel nor god and you are also doubting yourself and god

    1. Giovanni Hale says:

      No one found it really found it as interesting to read. Thank you for taking a moment to respond.

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