Smoking-5 Stages of Quitting the Fag Habit

Smoking 2008

Quitting smoking after restarting has to be the toughest habit to break. Looking back over the several years I have smoked on and off, I am left with a burning question of why I continue to prove my behavior with unjustifiable logic. I am not saying that I have not enjoyed the refreshing moments smoking has offered me to get away from work stress or personal relationship drama but to continue to move in the same direction believing that one day I will just wake up and quit! Just baffles me..

Anyone who has smoked (even for a short time) knows despite what people say about how bad smoking is for you, you have convinced yourself there is pleasure in lighting up a fag, and despite the odor from the fag on your clothes, your breath and your body we affirm to keep going because we do not drop dead after the first puff.

I am not writing this post to bash those that choose to smoke, but to make a public commitment to myself, my blogging family and those that might be considering “the right time to quit” a place to chat about the challenge ahead.

Recently I had to take a fitness personality test of God only knows how many pages and one questions stood out to me. “Are you a role model” At first I gazed at the question and answered it yes. The test reminded me to think about your answers and to be honest and up front (no one’s looking but you.) and I was faced with the nasty truth as I rubbed by hand across my face. My hands smelled like the essence of fag! I could no longer lie to myself or anyone else about my habit. I was ashamed of being a student pursing a career in helping others change their life through fitness and when no one was looking I would snag a pull on my fag. It simply became too much for me. Enough was enough man! No more lie’s, no more hiding. Fag’s have taken over my life and it was time to make a change. So here are my recommended 5 stages to quitting the fag habit.

1) Make a decision to give the 5 Stages to Quitting a chance to work in your life. If you are in stage 1 (Pre-contemplation (not thinking about quitting)People who are at this stage are not really thinking about quitting, and if challenged, will probably defend their smoking behaviour. They may be discouraged about previous attempts to quit or believe they’re too addicted to ever stop smoking. These smokers are not likely to be receptive to messages about the health benefits of quitting. But at some point, the great majority of “pre-contemplators” begin thinking about quitting.) Then just be honest with yourself and know that when you are ready to quit the resources are available.

2) When you approach the preparation stage of quitting and it’s time to move on from smoking then make an honest effort to change your behaviors at what ever cost.  Run as fast as you can away from the habit.  If it takes you moths or years to quit.  Keep at it each day.  This is not a race…

3) Quit hanging out with smokers. I have several friends and close family members who smoke, and as I start this journey they can trust I will see it through. If you keep hanging with people who smoke how do you ever expect to make a change. ” If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten.”

4) Find a new habit! Being a smoker is a habit you have formed and your body has become conditioned to expect you to complete this habit each time it demands it of you. I have decided to replace my smoking with a fitness habit. I am not stating you have to follow my lead, but i am offering you an option that will help you body build. Remember we only get to do this life thing once!

5) Find support on your new journey-I shared my wish to quit with my ex-wife, who has been very supportive in watching me grow, and though I now make this more public, the choice to show this to the world was not an easy choice for me. I urge you to write to me if you are considering quitting for what ever reason. You will not be able to do this journey alone. You will need some help.

So there are my 5 stages of quitting the fag habit. I am finishing up my last few cigarettes in my package this week and will update my blog when I buy my patches. I will commit this to my readers. I will be brutally honest and reflective in my writing. I will not hold back any punches when it comes to this journey. I appreciate you reading this far and as we start this journey together, come back and check up on me.

Smoking-5 Stages of Quitting the Fag Habit by Giovanni Hale

Let me know what you think?

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