Speed Stick Fresh Force-48 Hour Test


So it’s been 48 hours since I started testing Speed Sticks Fresh Force, and I have noted a few things I wanted readers to know if they are considering buying this product.  A little background on what I normally wear to ward off  under arm wetness.  I sweat heavenly and find myself often reapplying antiperspirants during the day.  I have tried Degree, Mitchum and other pricey antiperspirants to help with the wetness.  Well now that we have gotten that out-of-the-way let me share with my readers what I have noticed in wearing Speed Stick Fresh Force.

  • Low Residue– I hate when a antiperspirants leaves white lines on your t-shirt or undershirt if you put it on first.  I tested this product this morning wearing a black undershirt and though it still left under arm marks, it was minimal. 
  • Shower proof- I noticed when I showered this product caused the water to bead under my arms and it did not rinse off as clean as I would have liked. I guess this should be considered a pro, but for me when I shower I want the product off my skin.  Con in my opinion!
  • Scent- The scent is clean, masculine and does not interfere with my cologne during the day.  In comparison, Degree heat’s up and once it’s heat activated, it always stronger than my cologne.

Overall I would recommend this product to my friends and family without hesitation.  Going to the gym this product will keep you dry despite how much you sweat.  Thanks again to Speed Stick and Influenster for allowing me to check the product.

Let me know what you think?

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