National Able-Vets Final Report


National Able- Vets Final Report
by Giovanni Hale

Today is my final meeting at National Able and Veteran Forward and I felt it was time to give a report of my total time with National Able and what a Veteran can expect from this non profit. 
My Story

I relocated to Chicago a few months ago and after taking a few weeks off from work for a well deserved vacation I started my job search.  I attended a local job fair and this was my first introduction to National Able.  As a vet I was quite taken to speak to someone who understood my veteran status  and even asked me my speciality.  I quickly grabbed a card and started my journey.

National Able offer several reasources, computer labs and classes to help you sharpen your employment opportunities.  Classes are well structured, effective and current with recent trends.  Instructors are a nice mix between prior service and educated civilians.  I never felt I could not achieve my goals while searching for full time employment at National Able Network. 

Here are a few pictures from a recent opportunity to throw the first pitch at the Cubs vs Pirates on September 5, 2014


Gave my first pitch ball to a kid sharing this special day with me. It was his first baseball game.
Signed ball! Awesome moment
National Able & Bank of America made it happen

So if you are a Veteran and perhaps you just relocated to Chicago and stumbled across my page in a search.  Take a moment to reach out to me.  I have contact numbers of those you can chat with.  There is certainly more services National Able can provide however I wanted to share my quick story. 

Thanks again to the staff who never gave up on me and supported me through the transition.  I am forever grateful.

Giovanni "Doc" Hale

Here is my final debrief:

Let me know what you think?

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