Got me to thinking?

Have you ever noticed when you are really not giving something your all?  Today while my mind was hyped up on Redbull and running in hyperthread mode I noticed a few things I simply had to be honest about. I have not been giving school the attention it really deserves.  Here I am expected to pay this school over $900 to cover classes in June and July of 2015 and I am not really giving this process my “very best”.   Going to school online has always been pretty easy for me, basically you do a few post and write a paper and overall your done.

Unfortunately this simply will not get me through this certification program.  I have to kick myself in the butt and buckle down and set up a goal to get my certification done and over with.  I know this journal entry is pretty random but hey it’s better out of the mind then swimming around in there keeping me from a awesome night sleep.

So let’s get started!  Let’s turn a C and mediocre effort into something I can look back and be proud of..

These are my thoughts, my mind is not a good place to hold them so I share them with the worlds conversation!

Let me know what you think?

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