It’s September 

Ok today is the first day of September and I am very happy to welcome in the fall.  We still have about 30-40 days of 90 degree temps here in the Northern Suburbs to go before the affects of summer wear off.  

Today marks the anniversary and completion of my two goal I can mark off in 2015:

  1. I quit smoking in August 2014 and have not looked back.  I will admit when I first started down this road I was worried when the journey of life seemed really tough I would reach back for enouragement through the consumption of nicotine.  I could not be happier that nicotine no longer has a hold on me.
  2. I remember the last meat I consumed and How it made me feel afterwards.  After that glorious moment I decided to no longer consume flesh and I have stuck by that mindset.  

I gave up nicotine and meat on the same day and how do I feel 1 year later?  Amazing!  


Let me know what you think?

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