Aon Advocacy-How I Got Hired in less than 6 months.

So you want to be an Advocate right?  You want to help educate, guide and assist with resolution of many different issues?  So what does it take to become and Advocate?  Short answer are many things make advocates and my journey may be slightly different than yours but the result is still the same.  

  1. Video Interview

    -You will start the process here with a video interview that honestly is very easy to do.  Don’t over think it!  Just sit down and answer the questions as if your new boss is sitting there talking to you.  I had a bit of expierence going into the interview because in the past I had interviewed with Aon via video but my application was pulled during open enrollment for another position.  

  2. Phone Interview

    -If you make it too step two than prepare to show your background in ;claims or health insurance, or you are a wiz with getting appeals paid.  This is your first time speaking with your manager so make sure you come prepared and you answer the questions intelligently and briefly.  They will let you know if they want further details.  

  3. In Person Interview

    – Made it this far so now it’s time to talk about what you can bring to the Advocacy family.  Are you an organized person with a flair for presenting bad news? Or are you someone who loves the art of looking through plan details to help a person understand why a claim is failing to pay properly?  What ever your quirky skill bring it to the table and let your mangers see where and with what team you fit best.  

  4. Offer Letter and Background Check

    -Congratulations you made it and you have your offer letter.  Trust me your work has just started.  You will have many challenges to overcome and I encourage you now to remember to stay patient with yourself.  You have made it far and to reach your goal you may need to provide background information, proof of education and financial planning.  Remember this is normal and you may feel like it won’t end but this is what being and advocate is all about.  Looking over the details.  

  5. First Day Check In

    – Take some time to write down your goals and plan where you want to go.  This process has taken me 6 months to land this job and my process will vary from yours but the steps are the same.  

Five steps that will test your patience and your dedication to becoming an advocate.  You know when your finally take a seat at you’re desk you have earned your way to be called an Advocate.  

Let me know what you think?

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