What assumptions do people make about me when they first meet me? Why? Are They Wrong?


1. Assumptions people always have when they first meet me is that I too dayum energetic. All my life I have always been like a bee buzzing around with my hands in the everything I could get my hands on. Not that being energetic is a bad thing, but what people dont know, is having all that energy. I don’t often sleep very well. Guess perception is not always reality.

2. People consider me to be a smart guy, that knows allot about everything. I am not sure where this assumptions came from, but as a child I became the go too person for anything that had to do with a computer, cellphone and even a broken VCR. Still to this day, I love tearing a computer apart to find out how it works.

3. If I could tell talk the 12 year old me I would let him know the top assumption people will have about will be true. People will meet you and assume you are gay without you ever saying a word. You will take care of your hair, your clothes, your car, your home and you will never EVER meet the mold of society version of a man. Don’t worry the gay assumption is true, but your family will love you for being yourself. Don’t try to hide it.

Let me know what you think?

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